Join “The Viking’s” Global Team And Be Part Of..

Listen, if you ever wanted to generate a rock solid online income – with an absolute minimum work…

To be honest… I discovered to real power of this money generating beast by accident.
A friend asked for my help to pick an easy to do online business. At the time I had a lot to do, but i did some initial research and ended up with three programs to test out for him.

Doing one came up as easy doable – with a good potential. And that at a low startup cost – only $5.
So I found the time to send out a small promo….. to 5 contacts….. and went away on a three-week vacation….. must say I forgot about it during those weeks.

Back home again I received an email from one of the contacts that I had sent it to, he was thanking me for this awesome opportunity that he already made good money with. At first I did not understand what he was talking about, so I get hold of him on the phone.

After that call i had to check up what was going on….. and was shocked!
So from that 5 email promote, 3 had signed up for this $5 offer, and followed the instructions I had given in the email.

It went something like this:
Secure a $5 spot.
Share it with at least three others you first 24 hours and supply them with the same information.

Well, they had done that and the response had been good, so they shared some more….
Checking the stats in my back office clearly showed what the excitement was all about.
My own earnings had passed $1600/month in those three weeks!

So I sat down and analyzed the full potential of this system, and some interesting facts came up.

  1. The only needed investment to get started is $25
  2. It only had to be shared with 3 others to release its power.
  3. If we used a 24 hour time period for everyone to share with 2, we could make..
  4. $10k/month after 3 months
  5. $50k/month after 6 months

And do to fact of low  start up cost and ease of duplication, this was easy doable!
If a person really want to get this working and made some bigger promotions…. well you get my drift here.

At this point I decided to make this into a real big team build, and are at present working on some team sites that can be used for easy promotion and duplication.

So, I herby invite everyone that is willing to “risk” $5 to achieve $50k monthly income in six months or less to join.
But – I will do this in three waves.
1 – 100 people to get this going.
2 – 300 people to accelerate everything
3 – My own advertising will be rotated to the links of the first 100.

But – if you want to be among that first 100 – you need to act fast – and you need to share with 3 others in your first 24 hours!

What would happen if we could achieve this?
Well, I would give it to weeks to get those first 100 in place.
If we next look at what happens after 14 days – it could play out like this…

100 people share with 3 each in their first 24 hours. And let’s stick to that everyone only shares with 3 others.

Day 1 –     300 share with 3 =     900 people
Day 2 –     900 share with 3 =   2700 peopleDay 3 –   2700 share with 3 =   8100 people
Day 4 –   8100 share with 3 = 24300 people
Day 5 – 24300 share with 3 = 72900 people

And I will stop at this point – I’m sure you can see the power revealed here.
At this point… the first 100 would all have reached a monthly residual income of $10 000 or more!
And this by just securing a spot at $25 – and sharing with 3 others!

So is this really doable?
Sure, if 100 people share with 2 – and every new do the same – this is the potential!

If chance those 3 to 10 – it would go even faster. The numbers don’t lie!

But for the fun of it, let’s say that we only reached 10% of that goal…..
This would mean that after 2 weeks and 5 days we would be 7290 in the team.

Because of the structure in the comp plan that is divided into 4 different parts that looks like this:

  • Part 1 – Kickstart –  the $5 option where everyone starts – a full team is 363 members and a full team pays out $221/month.
  • Part 2 – Builder – the $20 automatic upgrade – a full team is as above 363 members and pays out $1 443/month.
  • Part 3 – Leader – the $99 automatic upgrade – a full team is now 3279 members and pays out $48 737/month.
  • Part 4 – Mogul – the $297 automatic upgrade – a full team is as above 3279 members and pays out $146 213/month.

And the best part is that you get paid from ALL of the levels you are upgraded to each and every month! Combined this can be $196 614/month in total! And all payments are calculated and paid weekly!

Now, what are the drawbacks?
Well, there are some – but they don’t bother me that much.
The most important is if a member starts at the $5 kickstart – share with 3 and are waiting for the automated upgrade after earning $20+……

If some of those three shares with MORE than three – means earns faster – or directly goes for both the first levels during sign up – $ 5 and $20 – the member “earning” and upgrading slower could actually lose members that moves faster to Level 2 Builder.

My thoughts around this is that it don’t matter that much in a team build like this, it only slows that person down a little bit at first.
What do I recommend? It’s up to each person to decide, but I would recommend to only start at the $5 level. But IF you decide to go for both level 1 and 2, you need to do so at sign up! There is no option for a manual upgrade during the first month.

What to do next?
Only one way! Get signed up asap here!
Then share with 3 others in your first 24 hours.